I want to participate. But what’s with you asking me if I’m queer, trans, nonbinary, a person of colour, or disabled? Is this a trap? Are you a cop?

It’s not a trap, and the information you provide will not be made public. We are asking about marginalized identities to prioritize the inclusion of historically marginalized folks. No one will be excluded for leaving these questions blank or for the answers that they provide.

Who can participate?

To participate, you should be a member of an active podcast. This means currently releasing, in-between seasons, in active production, etcetera.

I want to participate in multiple types of content. Is that allowed?

We definitely encourage you to fill out the form (once it’s live) multiple times if you want to participate in multiple types of media. However, please be aware that we do want to feature as many different podcasts and podcasters as possible.

What do you mean by “Approximate Hours of Releasable Content”?

Our goal is to have no more than two hours of content released each day of IPM. The approximation we are giving is based on our initial layout of audio content types across the month.

What do you mean by “Projected Number of Episodes”?

You will notice that for each type of audio content, we provide a projected number of episodes that we expect to release. This is an estimate based on the average length of last year’s episodes; it is not a definitive number. The number of episodes we actually release may differ based on the episode submissions we receive.

I want to GM one of the one-shots! How does that work?

If you are selected as a GM, the form will ask you to pick your system and pick the date you’d like to host the game. This helps us organize the games and gives players enough notice of when the game will take place.

I want to play in one of the one-shots! How does that work?

If you are selected as a player, you'll receive a new form in mid-April with a list of game options. We'll ask you to pick THREE that you're interested in and able to play and it will be a lottery-style system. We'll do our best to accommodate everyone's first choice in games, but we can't make any guarantees.

I submitted a minisode… can I release it on my own RSS as well?

Absolutely, but we ask that you please give the minisode at least a week on the main IPM RSS feed before releasing it on your own podcast feed, and additionally request that you point people in the direction of all the other great content being released as well! We like to stand by our slogan of “Celebrating Creators, Sharing Listeners”.

What are the deadlines for application and all submissions?

Deadlines are important! They help us stay organized and keep things running smoothly. Here are all of the deadlines you need to be aware of:

  • Application deadline: March 31

  • RPGs: Games must be played by July 5 so that editors have a full month to edit.

  • All completed audio episodes: August 5

  • All blog submissions: August 15

  • Transcripts for episodes (if applicable, see criteria for each episode type): August 25

What if I still have questions?

DM us on Twitter (@PodMonth) or send us an email to podcastmonth@gmail.com.