Rogue Podron: Building a Community through Comedy

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When creators of Rogue Podron Meg, Danny, Saf, and Heath came together to create their show, they were four fans who loved Star Wars so much they made a podcast about the whole world of the Expanded Universe of Star, and documented their journey through the X-Wing series of books, The Courtship of Princess Leia, and I, Jedi. Just a few short years later, and they’ve assembled an amazing, hilarious, loving community. Their impact has resonated throughout the Star Wars podcasting world, and so many great shows currently running can trace their own influences back to Rogue Podron. So, what makes Rogue Podron such a great show, besides engaging content, charismatic hosts, and an original spin on properties with established fanbases? I believe the answer can be traced back to the cultivation of their community. 

Rogue Podron came about during the new zeitgeist of Star Wars, when the first live-action Star Wars movie in 10 years was just about to come out. Four Star Friends who banded together to bring Star content. But as the show went on, people banded together around them. Some started earlier, some found them later, but the four of them cultivated an environment that emphasized welcomeness and positivity. An unusual side-effect of their ideology, I’ve found, is that you can enter in at any episode and instantly understand the dynamic between the four hosts. The hosts have such seamless charisma and excellent dialogue with each other, and it’s a dynamic that can expand to include others perfectly, as I’ve found when listening to episodes that have guests on them. 

They are also aware of their community and take active steps to include them as well. At the end of each episode, they all pose a listener question, inviting us, the participant, to join them on their Star Wars journey, reading aloud a slew of answers ranging from hilarious to bizarre. It’s at these moments when I feel most connected to the hosts, and the Star Wars community at large. Plus, the hosts call the listeners “glisteners” and I really love that name. It feels sparkly, and really nice. And if the hosts really like a listener answer, they’ll award a “Glistening Bodhi” to them, which isn’t really anything, but it’s an especially nice feeling to win, and the winners usually end up cracking me up anyways, so there’s no actual resentment if you didn’t get a Glistening Bodhi that week. The constant listener (or should I say glistener) interaction is a real highlight to the show, and probably the primary element in building their community, a community that can and has turned out for the show in various ways. 

I dearly love all the hosts and the welcoming and warm environment they’ve created and continue to nourish. I wish them all the growth and success in the world, as they’ve fostered a community that truly glistens. Meg, Danny, Heath, Saf, you Rogues have made a hundred and twelve of my days better, and I’m sure that holds true for everyone else that listens to you and your amazing show. Thank you so much!

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