Love and Luck: Affirmative and Triumphant Queer Romance


Love and Luck wrapped up its first season to critical acclaim for its warm, tender, and victorious queer romance across 48 episodes. As we listen to Kane and Jason fall in love over voicemail, we go on a journey with them of finding and building a space for the queer community, a space many listeners didn’t have, or maybe still don’t. Love and Luck brought me something unexpected: a fuzzy queer community fiction, a happy story, a triumphant one when there is strife or conflict. Episode 15, “Radio Interview”, literally moved me to tears because the creators are genuinely striving to create a place where people come together to help one another, to build a safe and uplifting community, and to help us find one another.

With this much of a focus on someone’s voice, it’s important for the actors to embody their characters as much as they can, and Erin Kyan and Lee Davis-Thalbourne deliver beautifully on this point. You may spend the first few episodes thinking, “here it goes, it’s time for some horrible miscommunication and everyone gets mad and they break up and there’s *drama*” -- except, record scratch, that never happens. They are communicative, open, honest, warm, and thoughtful, and Erin and Lee -- and their amazing cadre of Australian voice actors -- bring to life a community that becomes like family.


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