Just A Girl

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Girl In Space is by far one of my favourite audio dramas streaming today. I love it. I eagerly await each new episode. The music and sound effects provide such an amazing vibe to the show. This show is a beautiful story to join in on: it's delightfully fun and genuinely warm. I love how clever and spooky this show is, and am utterly amazed at the amount of work Sarah has put into writing, editing, and voicing this show. The fact that this show is a monthly release means that it's easy to catch up on, but you'll check your podcast catcher every week after release waited on bated breath for the next episode. The growth and expansion of characters and cast just adds to the story, the intrigue, and the excitement and tension as things change and the main character, X, is faced with new challenges and personalities.

Sarah has really created something charming and captivating here, and I hope you love it as much as I do.


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