Fate and the Fablemaidens: A Favorite


For those that have been following me for a while on Twitter, you'll know that I've been trying to chronicle my entire podcast listening with #MicroRyView posts for every episode I've listened to. And since I'm thoroughly addicted to podcasts, I have listened to quite a few within the last year!

Having said that, I have one recommendation today based upon a variety of factors. For my very first recommendation, I will have to give it to one of my absolute favorite podcasts right now. Fate and the Fablemaidens.

This podcast is a masterclass in "Yes, and..." improvisational world building and game play. It's a D&D 5E podcast that doesn't involve a ton of rules in the final product. The setting is a fantasy world with a lot of modern flare thrown in. Renee, the DM, has told me that this was a direct result of her love of magitech, which really made me love it even more.

But, aside from all of that, this podcast is Funny, with a capital F. I have had so many good belly laughs listening to this. Renee, as the DM, plays a very straight faced, roll with the LOLs type of personality. The players, Laura, Sam and Becca, are just so, so funny in everything they do on this podcast. But, it's not just a farce, it's actually believable actions based upon who their characters are and the situations they find themselves in.

In this humor is some brilliant world building. Everything from casual interactions with a god to massive Summerfest-like rock concerts in a major city, complete with fish tacos. One of the best parts is that they will occasionally reach out to the fan base (now known as the #Fablemates thanks to myself and a few others on the FateFM Discord Server) and will ask for suggestions for items or details about the world.

On top of this, the acting is on point. The player character voices are infectious, but Renee really does a great job of differentiating NPCs so you know who is talking at any given point.

I could go on and on about this podcast and how perfect it is (from the poetry at the beginning of each story arc to the music to the fact that it's entirely family friendly)! This should really be a must listen for everyone that loves to laugh and listen, and is especially perfect to share with younger family members as a way to get into the enjoyment of listening to podcasts.


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