The Far Meridian


Having already recommended one of my favorite Actual Play podcasts, I'm going to use this space to recommend one of the most impacting Audio Drama podcasts I've listened to so far. I'm talking about The Far Meridian.

This podcast revolves around the concept that a woman with massive agoraphobia and anxiety is living at a lighthouse that, one night, transports itself to another location and time without explanation. On top of that? Her brother is missing. It is up to her to both survive and find her brother, but this podcast doesn't seem to be about those things.

Each episode gives us a deeper understanding of the main character and her relationship with her brother, but also it gives us a really thoughtful peek into human interactions as she forces herself to interact with more and more people as she travels and explores.

Eventually, we get to the climax of the season. Without spoiling anything, I can say that the entire series built up to one moment that completely broke me in the best way possible. For the first time since at my father's funeral back in 2009, I ugly cried in my living room before work one day. Tears wouldn't stop coming for a few minutes and it was such a beautiful feeling.

In the weeks and months following listening to this series, this still sticks with me. I am more able to experience the joy of expressing those emotional gut punches that media tends to deliver from time to time, and I have this podcast to thank entirely for that.

The writing is top notch. The acting is top notch. The audio quality and sound design is remarkable. And it seems like they are gearing up for season 2 soon! I'm super excited to get back into this one. Just a fair warning, there are a lot of potential triggers for people with anxiety or agoraphobia, but it seems like this could be very cathartic to become stronger against those anxieties.


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